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PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT SERVICES & A.I.F.(Alternative Investment Funds)

Portfolio Management Services account is an INVESTMENT portfolio in Stocks, Debt and fixed income products managed by a professional money manager that can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. When you invest in PMS, you own individual securities. As per SEBI guidelines, only those entities who are registered with SEBI for providing PMS services can offer PMS to clients. As per the SEBI guidelines, the minimum investment required to open a PMS account is rs.25 lacs. in India portfolio management services are also provided by equity broking firms & wealth management services.


Discretionary PMS

Where the investment is at discretion of the fund manager & client has no Intervention in the investment process.

Non-discretionary PMS

Under this service, the portfolio manager only suggests the investment ideas. The choice as well as the timings of the investment decisions rest solely with the investor. However the execution of the trade is done by the portfolio manager.

How can investor invest in a Portfolio Management Services (PMS)?

There are two ways in which an investor can invest in a Portfolio Management Services:

1. Through Cheque payment
2. Through transferring existing shares held by the customer to the PMS account. The Value of the portfolio transferred should be above the minimum investment criteria.

Beside this customer will need sign a few documents like– PMS agreement with the provider, Power of Attorney agreement, New demat account opening format (even if investor has a demat account he is required to open a new one) and documents like PAN, address proof and Identity proofs are mandatory. NRIs can invest in a PMS. The NRI needs to open a PIS account for investing in PMS. The documentation required for an NRI, however, is different from a resident Indian. A checklist of documents is provided by each PMS provider.